Different types of light will effect the edge color. However in most environments there are a combination of light sources available and these sources are dynamic in that they are never truly constant.

Though the edge of Onami™ and Onami Crystal™ glass has “color” the intensity of the “color” is determined by relationship of the glass to the light and to the point of view of the viewer. Alter one element and the amount of color will appear to be different. Lighter, darker etc. and in some instances almost white, meaning no











how light effects the color of Onami Crystal™ surface surface low iron glass

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To explain edge color of a table top or counter it’s important remember that when looking through a piece of  Onami Crystal™ surface sculpted low iron glass the “color” of the glass is the result of it’s thickness. However the color of the edge is determined by the length and the width of the glass

Below are three pictures of the same piece of 1/2” thick Onami Crystal™ with pencil polished edges and 25 cent radiused corners. Each were taken in natural light but from a slightly different perspective.

As you can see the intensity or saturation of the edge color changes as the point of view of the camera to the edge changes.

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Onami Crystal™ cold textured low iron glass


3/4” smooth low iron glass

3/4” textured low iron glass

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