the freight cost for shipping a single case of Duncan
surface sculpted art glass from Seattle to Georgia

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During a shipment, depending on the freight company used, a crate can be loaded and un-loaded anywhere from 3 or 4 times to as much 6 to 7 times before it reaches it's destination.

Even though events happen that are out of our control, our goal in crating and shipping Duncan art glass, architectural glass, custom glass counters and even very large table tops like the 142” Onami Crystal™ low iron top for the M.Y. Lady Laura is to get the glass to the customer the first time and in one piece.

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The freight class for a single case (120 sq ft) of Duncan 1/8” surface sculpted art glass is determined by the total lbs/cu ft.

The total weight of a 20 sheet case of Duncan 1/8” surface sculpted art glass is about 215 lbs.

The length is - 42”, the width is - 21” and the height- 32” which equals 16.34 cu/ft.

Dividing 215 lbs. by the total cu.ft., 16.34 cu/ft, equals 13.1 lbs/cu ft. To ship at the least expensive freight class the unit needs to be greater than 12 lbs/cu.ft.

At 13.1 lbs/cu. ft. a single case of Duncan 1/8” surface sculpted art glass would ship at the lest expensive class for “flat glass in a crate” - class 77.5.


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The crates are skeletal and are designed to hold the glass securely. The goal is to keep the glass from “sawing” i.e. moving back and forth  along the length of the crate. No packing is used between the sheets which reduces the potential for movement.

Soft foam is used as padding which protects the glass if the front or back of the crate are impacted enough to flex. The soft foam will compress slightly protecting the glass instead of hard padding the might cause damage to the glass

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Once crated the crate is sheathed with OSB or plywood. The crate and skid are a single unit and the skid portion is kept as narrow as possible while still retaining stability.

We routinely ship multi-case units from Seattle to Hoygo, Japan using this crating system.

A single case (120 sq ft) of Duncan surface sculpted art glass weighing 210 lbs. costs about $2.00/sq ft from Seattle to Georgia at class 77.5.

However doubling the weight can reduce the cost by approximately  $1.00/sq ft.

The increase in weight can be accomplished one of two ways. Either adding more glass or adding dead weight.

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There are 2 categories for shipping what the NMFC
(Nation Motor Freight Classification) calls “flat glass in a crate”

1. Crates greater than 96” in length
2. Crates less than 96” in length.

Shipping costs are calculated based on lbs/cu ft.

Greatest dimension exceeding 96 inches, having a density in pounds per cubic foot of
item 86703

Less than 8 cu ft
Class-300 - most expensive price class

8 but less than 12 cu ft
Class-125 - mid range price class

12 or greater cu ft
Class-85 - least expensive price glass

Greatest dimension less than 96 inches, having a density in pounds per cubic foot of
NMFC item 86700

Less than 8 lbs
Class-250 - most expensive price class

8 but less than 12 lbs - mid range price class

12 lbs or greater
Class-77.5  - least expensive price class

how shipping costs are calculated for the NMFC classification “flat glass in a crate”
(what is the NMFC?)

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Jim Duncan Glass

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Jim Duncan Glass

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